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At A1 Tool, we know our customers are under constant pressure to manage time more efficiently. In today’s marketplace, time is more critical than ever.

So we’ve chosen an approach to mold making accelerates our customers’ operations. That’s because we’re faster than our competitors when it comes to designing a better tool. We build the tool faster, too. And because we make it right the first time, our molds provide more production uptime.

Our investment in CNC technology and machining automation allows our experienced engineers and mold makers to meet compressed lead times without sacrificing quality.


TS3 4382 A1ToolDesigning and building custom plastic injection molds and specialty tooling has been the backbone of A1 Tool Corporation from the very beginning. We apply our decades of mold making expertise in producing highly precise production tools for the most demanding applications.

Our engineers consider all important aspects of the mold design, including manufacturability, gating, cooling, venting, ejection, part transfer and material selections. This requires careful planning with strict attention to detail.

The result? Tighter tolerances, improved quality and less part variance.


For consistent part quality, plastic injection molds must be built to a fraction of the part's tolerance. Do you need large-capacity molds for consistent, high-quality production runs? Then you need us!

At A1 Tool, we continuously invest in highly automated systems to produce consistent, highly accurate results in less time.

Our design and engineering processes firmly establish the groundwork for reliable plastic injection molds that yield consistent, repeatable component parts in production.

Count on A1 Tool for accurate, consistent parts from quality molds built to last.


TS2 5133 A1Tool Edit CUTOUTonlyAt A1 Tool, our priority is to design a plastic injection mold that will last, cycle after cycle. 

We only make reliable, long-lasting tools, designed for efficiency and functionality. Our design engineers utilize higher-quality processes and components; you can be assured of a lower-maintenance, longer-lasting mold. 

And a quality mold with longevity translates into lower total costs of ownership over the lifetime of your project. 

Innovative Solutions

IMG 0541 A 1 311 EditA1 Tool comes through with innovative, creative solutions to the most complex plastic injection molding projects, time after time. We’re committed to providing superior mold design and engineering services.

To this end, we get involved early and work closely with our customers’ engineering departments, to ensure a smooth transition from part design to the final product. And we combine advanced technology with years of experience to cut design and engineering lead times.

Right from the start, we design our plastic injection molds with an emphasis on efficiency and functionality, because we know this will lead to time savings in production, longer-lasting tools, and fewer modifications.

Mold Flow Analysis, In-house

Designing an excellent injection-molded part is dependent on many factors. Proper flow of the resin into the mold is one of them. As a result, some challenging part geometries require mold flow analysis to ensure well-defined parting line and gate locations.

The design engineers at A1 Tool offer advanced digital simulation of the resin flow through your part geometry. They can pinpoint issues that can arise from difficult flowing materials, and they can identify other potential problems, such as thin walls and complicated geometries.

By using mold flow analysis, we can provide solutions to improve flow and moldability. The resulting data will help us design a better mold for you.

Cooling and Warp Analyses, In-house

At A1 Tool, we also offer both cooling analysis and warp analysis services at our facility.

The cooling phase is often the critical phase for determining cycle time. Analyzing the cooling phase can help determine the coolant conditions needed to maximize the efficiency of the proposed cooling layout.

For instance, comparing cooling components (such as baffles and bubblers) beforehand can prevent costly and difficult changes to the mold. A cooling analysis can assist in cycle time optimization, selection of high-conductivity inserts, and evaluation of cooling components.

Once a mold is designed, it’s important to ensure that the molded part can be manufactured within tolerance and will not exhibit excessive warp. Warpage in an injection molded part is caused by variations in shrinkage.

Performing a warp analysis helps isolate the reasons for part distortion, and creates a solid foundation for making changes to reduce or eliminate that distortion. It can also be used to assist in identifying design and process variations that can result in warpage.

Sampling, In-house

A1 Tool’s qualified process engineers offer in-house sampling. They not only develop a production process for your mold, they also sample alternate materials and ensure proper tool function.

Our sampling services allow you to improve your mold’s functionality, as well as troubleshoot the process for higher mold throughput. Any necessary mold adjustments can be made quickly and efficiently. Your tool will be production ready when it arrives.

3-D Modeling Software

A1 3D ModelingWith our 3-D modeling software, the design engineers at A1 Tool can easily visualize finished parts. By inputting variables such as temperature, pressure, component interactions, and applied forces, A1 Tool engineers can model the actual mold performance.

In addition, 3-D modeling improves coordination with CNC machine programmers, and cuts down on programming time, with less chance for error. This advanced software creates solutions and provides our customers with the assurance that an A1 Tool product will work correctly before we ever start cutting steel.

CNC Machine Coordination

CNC machining has become the standard for creating complex and accurate molds. At A1 Tool, our various sophisticated CNC machines enable computers to control the movement and operation of our mills, lathes, presses and other cutting machines.

Both our mold design and mold manufacturing processes are highly automated.

For example, the mold’s mechanical dimensions are defined using computer-aided design (CAD) software and 3-D modeling software. These dimensions are then translated into manufacturing instructions by computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software. Finally, the “post processor” software transforms these instructions into the specific commands necessary for each machine used to create the mold.

Reverse Engineering

TS3 4523 A1ToolReverse engineering is a means of creating a virtual model from an existing physical part. It involves measuring the component and then reconstructing it as a 3D model.

Reverse engineering is useful when analyzing part functionality, estimating costs, and identifying potential patent infringement. It may also be used to supply documentation for older parts which were designed before CAD software became commonplace.

The expert engineers at A1 Tool use Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) technology to reverse engineer injection-molded plastics for the most demanding applications. Each reverse engineering project is managed by a dedicated engineer, who monitors and controls deliverables, and provides regular status updates.

Extensive Experience

No matter how powerful the technology, it takes skilled and experienced people to turn your concepts into fundamentally sound and practical mold tooling. The well-trained staff at A1 Tool take your project from concept to installation. We know you won’t find a better team to work with.

Our reputation for producing a superior design stems from our experienced engineering staff. Our design engineers have extensive experience in designing plastic injection molds for a wide variety of challenging parts.

Results Driven

At A1 Tool, our engineers are results driven. Taking your challenging part geometry and incorporating it into an injection mold design becomes our main focus.

We design your plastic injection mold with an eye towards efficiency, repeatability, and dependability. Because we know a solid mold design is the key to your project’s success.

Proven Performance

With decades of experience building plastic injection molds, you can count on maximum productivity from A1 Tool. That’s because our engineers make every effort to create a mold that provides more value and better performance.

Choose A1 Tool…

…Because an injection mold is only as good as it’s designed to be!

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