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Custom Machining

Professional plastic injection mold maker (mould maker)

A1 Tool has the right people and the right equipment for your most
demanding custom machining applications.
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As experts in metalworking, with a wide variety of machining capabilities, let A1 Tool be your resource for custom machining, contract machining, and specialty machining.

No project is too small and no project is too large.

We have performed simple operations all the way up to the most complex. For instance, simply sawing oversize bar stock, to finish grinding massive steel plates, to manufacturing turbines for aerospace components.

We have a large variety of machines to facilitate almost every need.

We’re here to help, just give us a call.

Machining For:

Here are just a few examples of the endless precision products for which we offer custom machining.

  • Forging Dies
  • Large Castings
  • Bolster Plates


  • Unlimited weight capacity
  • Vertical and Horizontal Machining
  • 5-axis Simultaneous Milling
  • Table Sizes 282" x 126" x 54" (716 cm x 320 cm x 137 cm)
  • Large 60" diameter (152,4 cm) turning
  • Sinker EDM's 58" x 42.5" working area (147,3 cm x 108 cm)
  • Laser CMM Travel X=144", Y=96", Z=30" (X=365,8 cm, Y=243,8 cm, Z=76,2 cm)
  • Charmilles Wire Machine

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Large capacity in both machine size and work volume

Shown here is just one cell of our 4- and 5-axis machining capability.

Large horizontal milling

Tooled for difficult to machine materials and geometries.

Hermle 5-axis high speed machine

One of our recent acquisitions was this super-precision high-performance machining center.

FTP Pragma Horizontal Machining Center

With its fixed table, changeable milling heads, and enormous 27-1/2 foot by 10-1/2 foot, x 4-1/2' travels, this machine's weight capacity is unlimited, with material removal to match!

Massive material removal

With unmatched machining performance, we can provide a stronger and more accurate part machined from solid rather than built up from multiple parts.

DMG model DMC 125 FD 5-axis machining center

High-speed, high-precision milling and turning center combines a direct-drive rotary table with full 5-axis milling for advanced capabilities. The high-speed pallet changer and precision fixturing system ensure maximum productivity.

Industries Served

  • Home Appliance
  • Household Storage & Waste Cans
  • Pallets / Returnable Packing
  • Industrial & Industrial Containers
  • Agricultural / Automotive
  • Lawn / Garden
  • Home Building Products
  • Pet Products
  • Medical / Displays
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Food Services
  • Consumer Products
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