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From conception to completion, every plastic injection mold we build is recognized for world-class quality. Our customers will tell you that A1 Tool consistently exceeds their customers’ expectations. That's because our culture is based on open communication with our customers. Our quality management system is continuously reviewed for process improvement to ensure a superior product is delivered to every one of our customers.

Communication Is Key

A1 Tool knows that web-enabled data sharing, emailing status reports, progress photos and even good old-fashioned phone calls, are indispensable. They not only keep customers in the loop; they also enable quick feedback, approvals and fast changes.

The mold makers at A1 Tool pride themselves on building large-capacity and large-capability plastic injection molds, and it’s the little things that make the difference. No detail escapes the watchful eyes of their experienced team of mold making professionals.

Plates Are Milled from Solid Steel

IMG 0048 A 1 714

You'll notice the difference immediately. 

Plates milled from solid steel are more robust and extremely durable. There are no plates bolted together that may need torquing, and warpage is eliminated. The result is a robust plastic injection mold that will hold up cycle after cycle with a minimum of maintenance.

Extensive Use of MoldMAX® Optimizes Plastic Injection Molding Efficiency

IMG 0075 A 1 741

MoldMAX is a high-strength, high thermal conductivity copper alloy used extensively at A1 Tool. It effectively reduces hot spots, minimizes cycle times, eliminates galling, and improves as-molded part tolerances. MoldMAX maintains consistent hardness throughout even the largest cross-section, providing predictable strength in deep sections and excellent machinability. At the same time, it provides impact strengths suitable for complex designs.

Innovative Solutions

IMG 0541 A 1 311 Edit

When others fail, A1 Tool often comes through with innovative, creative solutions to the most complex plastic injection molding projects. Although every problem is unique, the best way to illustrate A1 Tool's innovative problem solving is through an actual customer's experience.

This customer had designed a plastic housing around a stainless steel screen for a clothes dryer lint vent. They had tried several experienced plastic injection mold makers without success. The problem was that the coefficient of expansion for the stainless steel screen was causing the screen to separate from the plastic housing after cooling. The engineers at A1 Tool identified the issue and designed a plastic injection mold that would work with the coefficient of expansion for the stainless steel screen, while preserving the integrity of the plastic housing during cooling.

Recessed Fittings and Engraved Labeling

TS1 5568 A1Tool

Attention to Detail

It's always the attention to detail that stands out when working with A1 Tool.

For instance, recessed fittings require an extra step in machining, but the benefit to the customer is a more robust plastic injection mold. A mold that can take handling when others fail. A broken fitting can take a mold out of production. Recessed fittings are your assurance that your plastic injection mold can hold up to the rigors of your production environment.

Engraved labeling is another area detail that will increase your plastic injection mold’s durability. Despite the age of your mold, you won't have to worry about incorrect hookups. Laser engraved labeling will look sharp and clear throughout the life of the mold.

Internal Manifolds

IMG 8556 A 1 209

Internal or recessed manifolds are another detail of A1 Tool's quality standard that beats the competition. Repairing a damaged manifold can be costly and time consuming. Damaged manifolds often require that the mold be sent out for repair, costing you weeks of lost production. 

Internal Geared Synchronization for Stack Molds, with Lube Fittings, WEDM Teeth on the Pins, and Bronze Bushings

TS1 5760 A 1

TS1 5744 A 1

Most mold makers use external gears to synchronize stack molds. However, A1Tool  has found that internal gears for synchronizing stack molds are more robust, last longer, and are less susceptible to rough handling. You won't have to worry about a stack mold being pulled from production because of a synchronization gear problem.

All stack mold gears have lube fitting for ease of maintenance. You won't have to pull a mold out of production to lube the gears. Additionally, WEMD cut teeth on the pins and bronze bushings improve the dynamic performance for the life of the stack mold.

Quality Components Throughout (Progressive)

TS1 5589 A1Tool

A large number of standard components are now available for building plastic injection molds. A1 Tool uses only the finest quality in off-the-self and mold-ready components. 

Work with A1 Tool for unmatched tooling performance.

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